Accommodation is available in a number of hotels in the city centre, as well as in hostels for those on a smaller budget. The city centre is connected with the conference venue by buses 12 and 28, which take around 20 minutes. The meeting organizers made some block reservations to ensure great rates throughout your stay. We kindly ask you to book your accommodation as soon as possible because another event in the city will take place at the same time.

The organizers blocked rooms in the following three hotels (six weeks prior to the conference, the blocked rooms will expire):

  • Mitland hotel (not in the centre of Utrecht)
    • Period: 27–31 August 2019
    • You can use the referencenumber 4349277 when making a reservation.
  • Stayokay Bunnik (hostel nearby Utrecht)
    • Period: 28–30 August 2019
    • You can use the referencenumber 79903 when making a reservation.

Please find below potential other options for your stay: